Data Privacy and Processing Policy (LGPD)

General terms and conditions for using the website

ECOM ENERGIA LTDA. (“ECOM ENERGIA”) set forth in the Use Instrument and Privacy Polity (“INSTRUMENT”) the conditions for using its website in order to clarify the users’ obligations and responsibilities.

Read carefully the following INSTRUMENT, as it applies to your access and how you use the information, materials and items/functions in this Website.  When accessing the Website, you agree and state to be aware of this INSTRUMENT.


1.1. For the purpose of this INSTRUMENT, consider the following:

i) Internet Protocol Address (IP Address): the code attributed to a Terminal in a network to allow its identification, defined according to international parameters.

ii) Internet : the system consists of the set of logical protocols, structured worldwide for public and unrestricted use, for the purpose of enabling data communication between terminals through different networks.

iii) Password: a set of characters that could have letters and/or numbers so as to check the User’s identity to access the Website. 

iv) Website: means the Users access the services and contents provided by ECOM ENERGIA.

v) Users: every individual or legal entity using the Website, over 18 (eighteen) years of age or emancipated and totally capable to practice the civil life acts or absolutely or relatively incapable duly represented or assisted.

1.2. This INSTRUMENT shall be governed by and construed in accordance with following principles:

i) headers and titles are only for convenience of reference, and do not limit or affect the meaning of the clauses, paragraphs, or items to which they apply;

ii) the words “inclusive”, “including” and other similar words are construed as followed by the phrase “as merely as example” and “without limiting”;

iii) when required by the context, the definitions contained in this INSTRUMENT apply both in singular and plural and male gender shall include the female and vice versa, without changing the meaning;

iv) references to any document or other instruments include all their amendments, replacements and consolidations and respective supplements, unless expressly provided for otherwise in this INSTRUMENT;

2. The purpose.

It consists in the dissemination of the “” services by providing the date through the record form completed by user.

The user should choose to cancel the record at any time by the link in email, and has also the option to subscribe and choose not to accept the subsequent communication, by not marking the consent option in all record forms.

The platform is characterized by rendering of the following service: sharing the content on the energy market and other related information.  The platform does not sell products and services.

3. The acceptance.

This Instrument set forth the freely and spontaneously contracted obligations for indefinite term, between the platform and individuals or legal entities, user of the website.

4. The users’ access

All technical solutions shall be used to allow the access to the service 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week.  However, the browsing in platform and any of its pages should be interrupted, limited or suspended for updating, changes or any action required for its good operation.

5. Registration

5.1. The website has as many open contents areas as restrict contents and/or services.  The registration in the Website should be required for the User access the restrict contents and/or services, by creating the profile with login and Password, and/or providing all or some personal data or record, such as: full name, address, email, CPF (“Record Data”).  Other Record Data for identifying the User and/or the access to the Website could be requested, if they are required to identify the User and/or the User’s access to the restrict contents and/or services.

5.1.1 The User is liable for the accuracy and veracity of the data informed and acknowledge  the inconsistency thereof could imply in impossibility to access the Website and/or using the Application.

5.1.2. User assumes full responsibility for keeping, secrecy and good use of recorded login and password and holds ECOM ENERGIA harmless from any responsibility.

5.1.3. The login and password could be used only by registered User, and sharing login and password with third parties is expressly prohibited.

5.1.4. The User could exclude the account in Website at any time, and exempts the keeping by ECOM ENERGIA of the information and/or data which maintenance is imposed thereto by the legal and/or regulatory obligations or which us require for the fulfillment of the court order, in the lawsuits and/ or administrative proceedings and the questioning by third parties arising from activities carried out by User in Website.

5.1.5. User shall provide a valid email address, so as the website shall sent all the necessary communications.

5.1.6. User shall ensure his equipment is compatible with the technical characteristics to allow the use of the platform, services or products.  5.1.7. User, when accepting the Privacy Instrument and Policy, authorizes the platform expressly to obtain, use, store, process, assign the information resulting from the use of services, website, any platform, including all information completed by user when making or updating the record, as well as other expressly described in the Privacy Policy which shall be authorized by user.

6. The services and products

6.1. The platform should provide to user a specific set of functionalities and tools to optimize the use of services and products.

6.2. The services offered by  ECOM in the platform as described and presented with highest accuracy level, containing information on the characteristics, quality, quantity, composition, validity term, origin, among other data.

7. The support

7.1. In any doubt, suggestion or issue with the use of platform, the user should contact the support by email:

7.2. These user’s service are available in the following days and times; Monday through Tuesday, 9 a.m. Through 6 p.m. Except holidays. 


8.1. There are 02 (two) was of obtaining the information from Users (“Information”):  (i) by the record made by User in Website, and (ii) using cookies or other technology allowing storing the information about the User’s browsing in Website (“Browsing Records”).

8.2. The User’s Information are obtained, stored, handled, processed and used by ECOM ENERGIA for the following purposes:

(i) develop, maintain and improve the resources and functionalities of the Website “”;

(ii) enable the access and use of the resources and functionalities of Website by Users;

(iii) analyze the Website performance, measure the access to Website, check the browsing habits of Users in the Website, how they reach the Website (for instance, by links from other websites, search, or directly by address), evaluate the statistics related to the number of access and use of Website, its resources and functionalities;

(iv) analysis related to the security of Website, improvement and development of anti-fraud tools;

(v) improve the browsing experiences of Users in Website;

(vi) allow providing customized services and suitable for the User’s needs, such as profile pages, updates, and relevant contents and advertisements;

(vii) allow the communication between the Users and ECOM ENERGIA, including by sending and receiving emails.

(viii) identify the profile, habits and needs for possible offer of services and strategies of ECOM ENERGIA.

8.3. ECOM ENERGIA preserves the Users’ privacy and their data and information are not shared with third parties, unless by the consent by User, by law or court order.

8.4. The User is aware and authorizes his Browsing Records in Website are provided by ECOM ENERGIA to its respective partners and contractors to render any service related to the Website, without individualized indication of User to allow his identification.


9.1. Introduction

Ecom Energia Ltda. (“ECOM Energia”) has the commitment to process the Personal Data, it accesses, according to the laws in force applicable to the data privacy and protection particularly the provisions set forth by Law no. 13,709/2018 (“General Data Protection Law ”).

Therefore, ECOM Energia drafted this  Cookies Policy (“Policy”), to explain in simple, transparent and objective manner, what  cookies are, which  cookies are used by ECOM Energia  and their role in its activities.

9.2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files or fragments of information downloaded in the computer, smartphone or any other device of user with access to internet.

They contain information on user’s browsing on pages of ECOM Energia and keep the information related to his preferences, so as to improve the use experience and customize the services offered by ECOM Energia in its website, for instance.

9.3. Which is the purpose of use of cookies by ECOM Energia?

ECOM Energia uses cookies to provide the best use experience, making easier applications and customize them, based on your choices and browsing behavior. 

Thus, ECOM Energia could adjust the contents of its applications to make them more relevant, and to remember the users’ preference, allowing a faster and more efficient browsing, eliminating the need to introduce repeatedly the same information.

9.4. Which cookies types does ECOM Energia use?

While users browse the website, ECOM Energia uses the following cookies:

  • Authentication Cookies: allow the recognition of certain user, his access and use of website with the restrict contents and/or services, providing customized browsing experience to user;
  • Security Cookies : allow the activation of security resources of website, in order to assist the monitoring and/or detection of malicious activities or prohibited according to the provisions for use of website of ECOM Energia, and protect the user’s information from non-authorized third parties.
  • Research, analysis and performance cookies  : assist ECOM Energia to understand the performance of its website, its target groups and browsing habits of its users, and how they access certain page in website; and
  • Advertise Cookies: allow ECOM Energia to present relevant advertise to user, in and out of its website or partners’ website, and to know whether the user viewing its marketing/advertisement actions had visited the ECOM Energia’s website, after viewing it.  Still, such cookies could be used by ECOM Energia to remember any research carried out by users in website, and based on the researches made by users in website, present the advertisement related to their interest.

For reference, such cookies could also be:

  • Persistent Cookies : remain in the hard drive of users and visitors after the browsing is closed and shall be used by browser in subsequent visits to the website.  Such cookies could be removed following the instructions form the browser of user; or
  • Session Cookies:  they are temporary and disappear after the browser is closed, and browser could be redefined in web to refuse them, however some resources of the platform could not work properly is the capacity of accepting cookies is disabled.

The user could use the cookies by options of setting in his browser.  However, when deciding to prohibit the cookies, the user is aware and recognize the website could not carry out all its functionalities, affecting partially or entirely the browsing in website.

9.5. Updating

ECOM Energia is entitled to change this Policy at any time, and any change in this Policy shall be in force immediately after its publication in the website of ECOM Energia.

Last update: 07/25/2022.

9.6. Contact

Any subject related to this policy shall be addressed to the following email:

10. Liabilities

10.1. The user is liable for:

a) technical defects or failures appearing in the user’s system;

b) proper use of platform, services or products offered, ensuring the good convivence, respect and cordiality between users;

c) compliance with the rules set provided for this General User Conditions Instrument, in respective Privacy Policy[ and laws;

10.2. The User shall not perform any of the following actions regarding the Website, in whole or in part, notwithstanding others deemed illegal, contrary to the public order or against the moral and moral values.

i) perform any illegal act and/or breach of the laws in force, also the provisions of Law 9,613/98 and Law 12,846/13;

ii) use the Website and/or any contents therein, in whole or in part, under any means or form, with a purpose other than the one it is designed for, and differing from the provisions in this INSTRUMENT, including disclosing, under any title, to third parties, which do not have the access or should not have the access to Website;

Iii) Delete, distort, tamper, change, edit, adjust, transmit, or in any way change, under any means or form, in whole or in part, the Website and/or its contents;

iv) Making the advertisement or marketing associating his image to the ECOMENERGIA, or any affiliate, controlled company, subsidiary or belonging to its economic group, for any disclosure of the data contained in this website, and its trademarks;

v) Load, send and/or transmit any contents with erotic, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, or libelous or making apology to the crime, use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or smoking products, physical or moral violence;

vi) Load, send and/or transmit any contents promoting or instigate the prejudice (including origin, race, sex, color, sexual orientation and age) or any discrimination, as well as the hate and illegal activities;

vii) Threat, coerce, or cause any physical or moral embarrassment to other Users;

viii) Perform acts causing or allowing the contamination or harming any equipment, including by virus, trojans, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, rootkit or any other device to be created;

ix) Perform any act to the Website, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, that could cause loss to ECOM ENERGIA, any User and/or any third party;

ix) Use any business name, trademark, domain name, slogan or advertisement expression or any distinct mark or intellectual property gods owned by ECOM ENERGIA or any affiliate, controlled, subsidiary or belonging to its economic group.

10.3. User is solely liable for:

i) All and any acts or omission performed in the environment of Website;

ii) Remediation of all and any damages, direct or indirect, caused to ECOM ENERGIA, any other User or any third party, including by breach of the provisions of this INSTRUMENT. Notwithstanding any other measures, ECOM ENERGIA should suspend the access to the Website and/or Application to any User, by itself or third parties, at any time, at its sole discretion, without any advice or prior notice, if any provision in this INSTRUMENT and other policies in the Website and the applicable laws in force are breached.

10.4. In no event, ECOM ENERGIA shall be liable for:

i) the payment of costs and damages, also direct, indirect, specific, accidental or consequential damages arising from the access or use, preventing the access or use of this Website or any of its functions or parts, including for the purpose of consulting or downloading information, data, texts, images or other material accessed by the Website;

ii) By any act or omission performed and/or damage caused by User in this Website;

iii) The installation in the User’s equipment or third parties’, of   virus, trojans, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, rootkit, or any other device to be created as a result of user browsing in Internet,

Iv) The improper use by any user or third parties of the Website, in whole or in part, by any mean or form, including, but not limiting to the reproduction and/or disclosure in any means;

V) any direct, indirect, accidental, exceptional damage or resulting from the use or inability to use its services or the cost of purchase replacement services.

10.5. platform is liable for:

a) indicate the characteristics of service or product;

b) defects or failures found in the offered service or product provided it has caused it;

c) the information it discloses, and the comments and information disclosed by users are on the very users’ liability;

D) the illegal contents or activities performed in its platform;

The platform is not liable for external links contained in its system, which could redirect the user to environment outside its network.

External links or pages could not be included, which are for commercial or advertisement purpose or any illegal, violent, polemic, pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory or offensive information.


11.1. The structure of website, the trademarks, logos, business names, layouts, charts and design of interface, images, illustrations, photos, presentations, videos, written contents and sound and audio, computer programs, database, transmission files and any other information of intellectual property rights of the corporate name Ecom Energia Ltda., according to the provisions of Industrial Property Law (Law no. 9,279/96), Copyright Law (Law no. 9,610/98) and Software Law (Law no. 9,609/98) are duly reserved.

11.2. This Use Instrument does not assign or transfer to the user any right, so as the access does not generate any intellectual property rights to users, except for the limited license herein granted;

11.3. The use of the platform by the user is personal, individual, non-transferable, and any non-authorized, commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited.  Such uses shall be a violation of the intellectual property right of the corporate name Ecom Energia Ltda., punishable according to the applicable laws.

11.4. All intellectual rights on the Website belong to ECOM ENERGIA including but not limited to:

I) All and any software, application or functionality used by ECOM ENERGIA to keep and improve the operation of Website;

II) Visual identity of Website;

III) Any and all contents created or produced exclusively by ECOM ENERGIA by itself or third parties.

12. The penalties

12.1. Notwithstanding any other legal proper measures, Ecom Energia Ltda. Should advert, suspend, or cancel the user’s account at any time: 

a) violating any provision in this Instrument;

b) failing to fulfill the user’s duties;

c) with any fraudulent, malicious behavior or offending third parties.

13. Termination

13.1. Failure to observe the obligations agreed in this Use Instrument or the applicable laws should give rise to the immediate unilateral termination without prior notice by Ecom Energia Ltda., and the freezing of all the services rendered to user.

14. The changes

14.1. The items describe in this instrument should be changed unilaterally at any time, by Ecom Energia, to adjust or change the services, and to meet new legal requirements.  The changes shall be transmitted by the website and user should choose to accept the new contents or cancel the use of services, if he is a subscriber of any service.

14.2. The services offers could be no longer provided, changes in their characteristics or have the use or access restricted, at any time and unilaterally without prior notice.

15. Privacy Policy   and processing of personal data


Ecom Energia Ltda. (“ECOM Energia”) has the commitment to process the Personal Data, it accesses, according to the laws in force applicable to the data privacy and protection particularly the provisions set forth by Law no. 13,709/2018 (“General Data Protection Law ” or LGPD”).

Thus, ECOM Energia drafted this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to explain, in simply, transparent and objective manner, how it processes the Personal Data it has access to in the context of the performance of its business activity, including, but not only, the personal data of its customers, service providers, users and visitors of its website

This Privacy Policy contains the information on collection, use, storage, processing and protection of the personal data of users, and visitors of website, in order to show the total transparency on the subject and clarify to all interested parties on the types of data collected, the reasons for collection, and how the users can manager or exclude their personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all users and visitors of website and is part of the General Use Conditions Instrument of website, duly enrolled with CNPJ  05.352.237/0001-55, located at Rua Olimpíadas, nº205 – 16ºandar CEP: 04551-000 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo/SP, hereinafter referred to as Ecom Energia Ltda.

This document was drafted according to the General Personal Data  Protection Law (Law 13,709/18, The Civil Framework of Internet (Law no. 12,965/14) (and the EU Regulation no. 2016/6790).  Still the document could be updated as a result of any normative updating, thus user is invited to consult this section from time to time.


The following definitions apply to this Policy:

“Controller”: means individual or legal person, governed by public or private law, who is responsible for decisions concerning the processing of personal data.

“Personal Data”: means any information related to an identified or identifiable person, including the electronic identifiers.

“Sensitive Personal Data” means Personal Data that deals with racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data related to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to individual.

“ECOM Energia”: means Ecom Energia Ltda., legal entity governed by private law enrolled with CNPJ/ME under no.  nº 05.352.237/0001-55,  and headquarters at Rua Olimpíadas, 205, Conjunto 161, CEP 04551-000, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo/SP.

“LGPD”: means Law no. 13,709/2018, named General Personal Data  Protection Law, providing among other measures, on the rights of the data subjects, the legal basis for processing the Personal Data and obligations and requirements related to the information security incidents involving Personal Data.

Operator”: means individual or legal entity governed by public or private law, that performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the controller.

“Policy”: means this Privacy Policy.

“Personal Data Subject” or “Holder”: means the individual to whom the Personal Data refer to, which are the object of the processing operation.

“Personal Data Processing”: means any operation carried out with Personal Data, such as those related to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of the information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.


The personal data of user and visitor are obtained by the platform as follows:

  • When user completes the record form in website, such data are the basic identification data such as email, full name, name of company where he works and position.  Based on them we can identify the user and visitor, and ensure the higher security and convenience to your needs.
  • When user and visitor accesses the pages of ecomenergia.combr. Website, the information on the interaction and access are obtained by the company to ensure the best experience to user and visitor. Such data could refer to key-words, profiles, URL where the user and visitor come from, browser they use and access IP, among others that should be stored and retained.

By third party: the platform receives third parties’ data such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google, when users login with his profile in one of such websites.  The use of such data is authorized by users with such third parties.


So as to ECOM Energia carryout its business activities it is essential it carries out some Personal Data Processing activities, which involve the following Personal Data:

  • Identification Data provided by the Holder or third party such as the data provided by completing the forms in website, as email, full name, name of company where you work, position, message, among other described in the chosen form.
  • Data obtained by ECOM automatically, by the access to ECOM ENERGIA website or other digital platforms it makes available, or which allow the contact with ECOM Energia, such as, cookies, geolocation data, data for optimizing the browsing, access to pages, key-words used in search, comments, interaction with other profiles and users, profiled followed, IP address, among others.
  • Newsletter: email recorded by visitor choosing to subscribe to Newsletter shall be obtained and stored until the user requests the cancelation of record.


The purpose of personal data of user and visitor obtained and stored by the platform is:

  • Convenience of user and visitor: improve the product and/or service offered, facilitate, speed, and fulfill the commitments set forth between the user and company, improve the user’s experience, and provide specific functionalities depending on the basic characteristics of user.
  • Improvements in platform: understand how the user uses the platform services, to assist in the development  of business and techniques.
  • Advertisement: present customized advertisement for user based on the data provided.
  • Commercial: data is used to customize the contents offered and generate the subside to the platform to improve the quality of the services operation.
  • Provision of the user’s profile: automated processing of personal data to evaluate the use of platform.
  • Record data: to allow the user’s access to certain contents in platform, exclusive for recorded users.
  • Publicity  and marketing activities purposes: identification data provided by the Personal Data Subject or received from third parties, could be used for sending marketing campaigns and promotion of products,

Other purposes: ECOM Energia could use the personal data obtained also for other purpose, which are not in conflict or exceed the purposes listed above, always in compliance with the Brazilian laws in force and applicable, based on the legitimate interest, except in cases where the legal rights and guarantees of the Personal Data Subject prevail. 


The Personal Data processed for the purposes described in this Policy are stored by ECOM Energia only for the period required to reach the purpose of such collection, according to the provisions in art.  Of LGPD.  In this regard, ECOM Energia informs it should keep the Personal Data it collects, for instance, during the period the legal entity represented by the Data Subject has the agreement in force with Ecom, or for the period required for:

  • Regular exercise of the rights in lawsuits, administrative or arbitration proceedings, thus considering the limitation periods applicable thereto;
  • The fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligations; and
  • The fulfillment of the legal interest of Ecom, respecting the legitimate expectations of the Personal Data Subject. 

Moreover, ECOM Energia, clarifies it could store the Personal Data it obtains in territory abroad, including the outsourced data centers located abroad.  In this regard, ECOM Energia informs it adopts all the technical and administrative measures required so as the Personal Data are transferred and stored within the same security parameters used in Brazil by ECOM Energia, and according to the provisions in LGPD and ANPD on the subject matter.   The data could be removed or anonymized on user’s request, except when the law offers other processing.


ECOM Energia uses the best efforts to protect the Personal Data it processes, so as to implement the proper technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal Data against unauthorized or illegal processing and against the accidental loss, destruction or damages to the Personal Data.

Although ECOM Energia adopts the security measures compatible with the Personal Data it processes and the best practices available in the Brazilian market, ECOM Energia cannot assure the total security thereof, and is subject to technical failures and eventual malicious actions by third parties, in view of the very nature of the current information technologies.  However, in any security incident of information, ECOM Energia informs it has the action plan focusing in the risk mitigation related to any event involving the Personal Data, according to the best practices adopted in market.

The platform does not exclude the responsibility by exclusive fault of third parties, and in any attach by hackers or crackers, or exclusive fault of the users, when he transfers his data to third parties.   The website undertakes to inform the user in any breach of security of his personal data.

The store personal data are processed as confidential within the legal limits.  However, we could disclose your personal information if we are obliged by the law to do so, or if you violate our Service Instruments.


The sharing the user’s data takes place only with the data regarding the publications made by the user, such actions are shared publicly with other users.

The data of user’s profile are shared publicly in the search systems and within the platform, and user is allowed to change such setting so as his profile does not appear in the search results of such tools.

ECOM Energia should share the Personal Data mentioned in Section 4 to this Policy with other companies in its economic group, including abroad, and the partner companies, services providers, subcontractors and other essential suppliers, so as ECOM Energia should carry out its activities, always according to the Brazilian laws in force and applicable, and adopting the best information security practice aiming at ensuring the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data.

When accessing our services and providing your information, you consent with the processing, transfer and storage of such information in other countries.

Moreover, if any police, administrative or judicial authority requires the access to the data of Holder, and this request is supported by the Brazilian laws in force and applicable, ECOM Energia should share the Personal Data to fulfill such request.

Finally, it is important to point out ECOM Energia should share the Personal Data it obtains for the protection of its interest, in any kind of conflict, including the administrative and judicial demands, or also in corporate operations including the consolidation, purchase, joint ventures, partnerships, among others, carried out by third parties, so as to ensure the permanence of the services it offers to the Personal Data Subject.


The cookies refer to the text files sent by platform to the computer of user and visitor, and are stored therein, with information related to the browsing in the website.  Such information is related to the access data, such as, place and time of access, and are stored by browser of user and visitor, so as the platform server will read them later to customize the platform services.

The user and the visitor of platform state to know and accept data collection system of browsing could be used by the use of cookies.

Persistent cookies remain in the hard drive of users and visitors after the browsing is closed and shall be used by browser in subsequent visits to the website. The persistent cookies could be removed following the instructions of your browser,  The session cookie is temporary and disappear when the browser is closed.  Your browser of web could be redefined to refuse all cookies, however some resources of the platform could not work properly if the capacity of accepting cookies is disabled.


In fulfillment of the laws in force and applicable, regarding the Processing of Personal Data, ECOM Energia informs it respects and ensures the possibility of submitting the requests based on the following rights provided for in LGPD (art. 18 and 20) which are:

  • Confirmation of existing Processing of Personal Data by ECOM Energia;
  • Access to the Personal Data processed by ECOM Energia;
  • Correction of the incomplete, inaccurate or out of data Personal Data on the database of ECOM Energia;
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive or processed by ECOM Energia in non-compliance with the applicable laws in force.
  • Portability of the data processed by ECOM Energia;
  • Deletion of any Personal Data processed based on the consent, except in cases provided for the applicable laws;
  • Information on the public and private entities with which we share your Personal Data;
  • Information on the possibility of non-providing the consent and on the consequences of your refusal,
  • Revocation of your consent, when applicable.

If the Personal Data Subject needs to exercise any right described above, or believes his Personal Data was and/or is used in manner incompatible with the purposes described in this Policy, he should submit the request to the email informing at least, the full name and the detailed description of the request.

when receiving the request from the Personal Data Subject, ECOM shall endeavor to fulfill the request as soon as possible, within the limits of its responsibilities.  It is important to point out, although Personal Data Subject requires the exclusion of all Personal Data from the database of ECOM Energia, it could keep some Personal Data to fulfill any legal or regulatory obligations or allow the fulfillment of the obligations assumed contractually by ECOM Energia with third parties, as applicable.


By using the services and providing the personal information in the platform, the user consents with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The user is entitled to remove the consent at any time, thus just contact ECOM by the channel mentioned below.

suggestions, or any other issue related to the activities of the Personal Data Processing carried out by ECOM Energia, should be addressed to the following email, by mail sent to the following address: Rua Olimpíadas, nº205 – 16ºandar CEP: 04551-000 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo/SP.


ECOM Energia is entitled to change this Policy at any time, particularly to provide to the Personal Data Subject the transparency on how it processes the Personal Data.  Any change in this Policy shall be in force immediately after its publication on the website of ECOM Energia. Therefore, the date of its last update is indicated at the end of this Policy

Moreover, if this Policy has any relevant change, ECOM Energia shall present the notice in its website <>. By using the service or providing the Personal Data to ECOM Energia, after any change, the Data Subject shows its awareness on the new provisions of this Policy.  On the consolidation or sale of the platform to other company, the user’s data could be transferred to new owners in order to ensure the permanence of the offered services.


This Policy is governed, construed, and executed according to the Brazilian applicable laws in force, particularly LGPD, regardless the laws of other countries. The Judicial District of São Paulo/SP is elected to solve any doubts or controversies arising from this Policy.